Southern Illinois Select Baseball League


I know most of you have been wondering what our plan is for the season due to this corona virus going around.
We have talked to the health department and many local officials on this situation and at this point we are going to go ahead and cancel the first week of the season. This is what everyone is telling us to do and we have to oblige by what they say. This would bring us to a starting date of April 6th at the earliest. Obviously things are changing daily and for us it could change quickly as well. 

As far as practices go: Our gates are going to be shut until we are able to start playing games. So anyone who scheduled a practice with us, it will not be able to go on. As far as you guys practicing on your own: At this point I have not heard back from the insurance company so I am leaving that up to the coaches discretion until I hear something. I will make sure to get something out asap if I find out the coverage has changed or anything else changes. 
This is not something we want to do by any means, but for now it feels as though this is the best decision in regards to everyone’s safety.

We would like you all to please relay this to parents. This is a situation in which we are receiving phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages and the less traffic the better. The more you guys are willing to understand and communicate with everyone, the smoother this situation will go.

Obviously, if there are anymore updates on the season, we will send them out via email. Once again, please try and communicate with your teams as much as possible. 
Thank you,Glen and Andrew

Park addresses:

Freeburg: 504 Cemetery Road, Freeburg, Illinois
O’Fallon: 301 Obernuefemann Road, O’Fallon,
Waterloo: 800 N Moore St, Waterloo, IL
Millstadt: 1 Kalbfleisch Street, Millstadt, IL 62260

Rainout numbers for all parks are below.

Freeburg Rainout Number: 618-539-6068
O’Fallon Rainout Number: 618-622-1439
Waterloo Rainout Number: 618-939-9919

Welcome to the Southern Illinois Select Baseball League (SISBL). I want to take this opportunity to thank all the coaches, managers, players, and parents for their support in the past. Every new season brings new faces and challenges. 2020 looks to be bigger and better with coaches and managers constantly looking for the league that would be the best fit for their team.

With the support of the Freeburg Park District, constant improvements to the park have occurred over the past 8 years including 2 new fields that have been added at the Freeburg sports park

We take pride in making everyone’s visit to the park an enjoyable experience. With SISBL, we strive for the following:

  • Kid safety
  • Sportsmanship
  • Kids being able to learn and enjoy the game of baseball in a fun and relaxed environment

The league itself has become one of the best in accommodating teams of all playing abilities. Being able to run 2 divisions in age groups 8u through 14U has set the standard for all leagues. I consider the SISBL umpire group as the best around. The SISBL umpires strive to make the park a fun and relaxed place for kids to play and parents to enjoy the game of baseball. Constant communication between SISBL umpires and myself helps make the park a place where everyone wants to play. By participating with the SISBL coaches are able to just coach their team and not be concerned with field setup, game balls, or scheduling umpires. With SISBL this is all included with your season which takes pressure off of the coaches and makes their summer more enjoyable.

The SISBL is also known for producing some of the top teams in the state of Illinois.

I enjoy being at the park and communicating with everyone that is a part of the SISBL experience. Feel free to talk with me, call me, or email me at any time. I am willing to talk and listen to whatever needs to be discussed and I will always strive to improve and make your SISBL experience enjoyable.

Glen Polacek
618-792-6880 (cell)